How To Make Money From Your Own Blog.


Based On Our Experience, Research And Interviews With High Powered, Big Money Bloggers, Here Is How YOU Can Get Into The Money Making Bogging Game And Make Upwards Of $100,000 Per Year And More.

To Begin With You Have To Understand That To Make REAL Money From Blogging, You Need To Treat It As A Business. You Will Need To Spend Some Of Your Time And Money If You Want To Make A REAL Consistent Income.

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Set Up Your Blog And The Webhosting To Carry It Online.

You Can Get A Wordpress Blog For FREE, But To Make It Work, You Will Need To Add Plugins And Deal With Other Technical Issues That Can Be A Big Waste Of Time And Money. Then You Need To Upload Your Blog To A Good Web Host That Can Handle High Traffic And Crash.

The Best Way To Solve The Time, Hosting And Technical Problems Is To Hook Up With A Webhost like HostGator Where It Is All Done For You Right From The Start.


With Any Blog, The More Readers You Have, The More Important Your Blog Becomes To Your Readers And To Advertisers. IF You Have Lots Of Readers, Advertisers Will Want To Have Links On Your Blog And Pay You For These Links. Getting People To Read Your Blog Is Your Job Number One.

The Best Way To Get Your Initial Traffic And Readership To Your Blog Is TO BUY IT. The Reason You Should Buy Visitors Right Off The Bat And Even Regularly, Is That People Cannot Like And Subcribe To Your Blog, If They Have Never Seen It. If You Are Buying Visitors, Make Sure They Are Adsense Safe, So You Get Credited For The Impressions.

If Your Blog Content Is Good And People Like It, They Will, Subscribe, Bookmark It And Come Back. You Will Get More Organic Visitors And Readers. The More Readers You Have, The More Advertisers Will Pay You To Post Their Ads On Your Blog, The More Money You Will Make.

Get Your Blog Read, EVERYDAY, By UNLIMITED Visitors Adsense Safe Readers For One Full Year - That's Everyday For 365 Days For Just $60.00.

You Can Arbitrage Adsense Banners And Easily Make More Money Than The Traffic Costs Every Month. Plus, All Sales Or Leads You Get Are A Bonus. You Keep All The Money. To Order Your 365 Days Of Unlimited Adsense Safe Visitors Just Click On The ADD TO CART Button.

Once You Have Created Your Blog Or If You Already Have Your Own Blog,
Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Help You Get New Readers.

When Your Blog Is Set Up And Operational, You Need To Make Some Posts. These Posts Should Be Relevant To Your Theme And Contain Something, Useful, Entertaining Or News Worthy.

To Start, Tell People What Your Blog Is About And Who Your Are. Ask For Comments.

An Easy Way To See What's Trending Is To Go Search, "Top Ten Blogs" On Bing, Google Or Yahoo.

If You Really Like Something Tell Your Readers About It. Put The Link In Your Blog.

One Other Thing You Should Always Do, Is Ask People To Subscribe And To Post.

Create An App For Your Blog And Take It Mobile.


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