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My Name Is Dr. Fred Conquest - aka "Fastbuck" - in betting circles. For 22 years I have been publishing my 'famous' College and Pro Football LOCK PICKS online. Every week, I give you TWO College and TWO NFL picks - my best bet picks - LOCK PICKS is how they term them in the betting world.

These LOCK PICKS have made a season based profit for 21 straight years. Some years were great, some years less so. But based on the 'same bet strategy' for every game, the "Lock Picks" have shown a good overal profit every season.

For years, We have charged $200 for both the college and NFL 'LOCK PICKS' picks delivered in your email box every week. However, for this year, we have lowered it to just $47, FOR THE WHOLE FOOTBALL SEASON. Plus, we are throwing in the huge MONEY MAKING double bonus. And we are giving you the opening week FREE Pick above. If you Win, You can buy the season subscription with the profits.


Bet HOWARD and get 45 Points versus UNLV. This line is totally absurd. Howard might even win the
game outright. The UNLV football program is abysmal. Betting against them usually generates winners.

So get hooked up and win some money this season. Get your picks and the 'How To Compound
Your Betting Profits' strategy and the amazing 'How To Pick'em' Strategy as a double bonus. As the Nike
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