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My Name Is Fred Conquest. I Have Over 45 Years Of Trading Experience Some Spectacular, Some Not Good But Always Better Than Most Of The Major Money Management Firms. I Have Seen It All. I Know What Works And What Does Not, The REAL SECRETS To Making Trainloads Of Money In Forex, Futures, Options And Stocks.

Rember The Tortoise Won His Race Against The Hare. The Moral Being, DO NOT Over Trade. You DO NOT Have To Trade Everyday To Make Money.

Never Forget What Warren Buffet Says About Investing:

"Rule One: Do Not Lose Your Capital. Rule Two: Never Forget Rule One."

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Speaking Of Warren Buffet Here's His Idea Of Investing Made Simple:

"Put 10% of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90% in a
very low-cost S&P 500 index fund.”

FACT: The Low Cost Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund Out Performed 75% Of ALL The Mutual Funds In The World Over The Last 15 Years.

Think About All The Management Fees And Expenses Investors Could Have Saved Over The Past 15 years.

Money Making Trading Tip:

If You Trade Forex, You Need To Know About London Close Forex Trading Strategy. The Results Are SPECTACULAR. No Joke. The Win Rate Is Over 90%.

It's Pretty Simple. London Closes At 11:30 Eastern Time, 10:30 Central Time and 8:30 Pacific Time. As Soon As The London Market Closes, You Buy Or Sell The Forex Pair That Is Up Or Down The Most. Risk 20 Pips With A Stop.

Get Out IF You See A Profit In The 30 To 60 Minutes After You Place Your Trade And You Are Done For The Day.

You Can Use The London Close Trading Strategy With Binary Currency Options To Make Money Fast & Easy As Well. Just Use A Binary Option Pair And the 15 minute or 30 Minute Expiration Time. Click To Trade Binary Options.

Stock Pick of the Month.

Buy SQQQ (Proshares Ultra Short ETF) at $40 Or Better To Protect Your Retirement Funds From The Coming Massive Stock Market Meltdown.

Another Money Making Trading Tip.

Every month all the funds managing pension money get an influx of new money that they must invest. This new money almost always supports the market and causes at least some increase in the indexes.

If you buy and index option or a binary option with a one week, roughly three days before the end of each month you will almost always make a profit on this trade.

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