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How To Dramatically Improve Your Putting, Lower
Your Score And Become A Tour Quality Putter.

Putting is half the game of golf. If you can consistently tour a round in 27 or so puts, you can score real well. Here's how to dramatically put better and score low.

Get a 2 foot square piece of cloth and tack it down on the practice putting green with a tee stuck in each corner. Then practice lagging putts until you can stop the ball on the cloth with almost every putt.

If the cup were in the exact center of the cloth, you would never have a 2nd putt of more than 1 foot. Tap the ball in the hole and you are up and down in 2 every time. If you make the putt, so much the better.

The result: You will putt much better when it counts, make more medium range putts and very rarely 3 putt. You can EASILY lower your score by 5 to 10 strokes per roundIt works. Try it and see for yourself.

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