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Hit It Shorter - Score Better.

The easiest way to improve any golf game is to leave your driver home. There is no law says you have to hit a driver off the tee.

Take the really long par fours that are in vogue today. Suppose there is a 450 yard par 4. Even with a driver, most players would have a hard time getting on this green in 2. So play the hole as if it were a short par five. The idea is to eliminate double bogies and beyond.

You can hit three 150 yard shots and get on in 3. You can hit two 175 yard shots and a 9 iron or wedge to get on in 3. You can hit one 200 yard shot, one 150 yard shot and 100 yard wedge and be on in 3. To make par, all you have to do is make the putt.

Most likely you were going to make a bogie anyway, driver or no, so why not just play it safe on these tougher holes and make 4 or 5.

If there are 4 of these par 4 monters on the course you play, if you lower you average score on them by 2 strokes each, you just lowered your score by EIGHT shots.

So if you want to score better, play longer par 4's as if they were short par 5's. Hit it in the fairway twice and hit the green on the 3rd shot and make the putt for a par or 2 putt for a bogie. And go on to the next hole.

Try it and see for yourself. You will score much better. And that's a fact.