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The Higher Your Health Insurance Deductible The Lower The Rates You Pay. A Policy With A High Deductible Can Save You As Much As $12,000 Per Year In Premium Payments. IF, You Have No Claims For That Year, You Save That Money.

Insure Your Child Or Grand Child For Life With A
Low Cost Life Insurance Policy.
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For Life Insurance: The Best Type Of Life Insurance Policy Is A SINGLE Premium Whole Life Policy. You Make One Payment, One Time. You Are Insured For Life. The Amount Of Insurance And Cash Value Of The Policy Increases Every Year. You NEVER Have To Make Another Premium Payment And You Can Borrow Against The Policy If You Ever Need The Money.

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Money Saving Auto Insurance Tip: The Higher The Collision Deductible You Have, The Lower The Rates You Pay. The More Medical Coverage You Can Afford, The Better For You. Fixing People Costs More Than Fixing Cars.

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