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Dateline July 2018: Las Vegas.

Item 1: The United States Supreme Court says states can charge internet marketers sales tax on goods and services. This ruling creates a massive problem for interstate online marketers as there are over 70,000 different governmental entities allowed by state and local laws to collect sales taxes.

The specific problem is what is the sales tax rate, to whom do you pay it and when do you pay it. This ruling benefits states in generating revenue, the very big online marketers who have the resources to deal with the problem and it hurts small online business marketers, so much so, they will be hard pressed to continure in business if they want to continue to sell products and services direct to consumers across state and local boundaries.

The simple solution for small online businesses is to sell their products wholesale to local state based distributors and let them sell locally. To be legal, all small online businesses need to do is make sure they have a copy of the local distributors resale permit and you are good to go.

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