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Dateline: Las Vegas: Summer 2020:

The Most Fundamental Thing You Need To Know About Making Money Online Is This FACT:

"If You DO NOT Click On One Or More Information Listings Or Links On ANY Website You Visit, NO ONE Makes ANY Money And That INCLUDES YOU. All The Money ONLINE Comes From Making That Second Click And Taking Action. So Make That Second Click."

Plus, If All The Guru's, Corporations & Entrepreneurs Are Bragging About Making Millions Of Dollars Online, AskYourself This Question: Why Do They Need You To Become & Affiliate Or Refer Other People To Their Webpages And Offers?

The Simple Answer Is For You To Send FREE TRAFFIC (Visitors) To Their Offers On The Hope & A Prayer Of You Make Some Money If Someone Buys What They Are Selling.

But The Facts Are That 99% Of The People Do Not Buy Anything When The Go To Any Webpage. So You Are Just Wasting Your Time, Effort & Money As An Affiliate.

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Here's The Fundamental Metric About Making Money Online You Need To Know:

EPC: Earnings Per 100 Clicks Or Visitors.

This Metric Tells You, How Much You Are Making Or Losing From You OnlineEfforts.

Take The Total Amount Of What You Are Paying For Your Online Efforts And Divide That BY 100. The Answer Is How Much You Are Paying Out For Every 100 Visitors, To Your Webpages. It's Your Cost Per 100 Visitors To You Online Business.

Take The Total Amount Of Money You Are Making From Your Online Business And Divide That By Every 100 Visitors To Your Webpage. The Answer Is How Much Money You Are Making Per 100 Clicks Or Visitors To Your Webpages.

If You Are Making More Per 100 Clicks Than You Payout, You Are Making AProfit. If Not You Are Losing Money. It's That Simple.

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